5,256,000 Minutes

Musical fans will recognize that this blog title is borrowed from a stirring Rent song entitled “Seasons of Love”.  This song, often referred to as 525,600 minutes, notes that while a year can be measured technically in the number of passing minutes, it should in fact be measured by the glorious memories that have transpired.  Well, today, as William &  Mary’s Class of 2013 moved on to campus, they embark on an amazing journey that I embarked on exactly a decade ago.  In those 5,256, 000 minutes I have remained with the College, leaving its beautiful brick pathways only for academic-year breaks and short personal vacations.  And the memories I have made will continue to remain with me always.  While I cannot pretend to capture the same kind of poetic lyricism that Jonathan Larsen did when he composed “Seasons of Love”, I will attempt to emulate it by recounting my 5,256,000 minutes since embarking on my William & Mary journey.

5,256,000 minutes, 5, 256,000 moments so dear.  5,256,600 minutes – how do you measure, measure 10 years?  In hallmates, in high teas, in new friends, in roommates who play the oud.  In classes, in challenge, in becoming a wife.  5,256,000 minutes — how do I thank the institution that changed my life?

5,256,000 minutes, 5,256,000 memories that last.  5,256,000 minutes — how do separate the future from the past?  In seminars, in teachers, in classmates, in knowledge I gained.  In new friends, in best friends, in frat parties and mug nights.  5,256,000 minutes — how do I recount all of the astounding heights?

5,256,000 minutes, 5,256,000 new experiences.  5,256,000 minutes — how do I convey the College’s brilliance?  In beauty, in diversity, in intellect, in fascinating people.  In opportunity, in passions, in laughter and freedom.  5,256,000 minutes — how can one place so affect the person I have become?

5,256,000 minutes, 5,256,000 harks upon the gale.  5,256,000 minutes — I will forever alma mater hail.  In a BA, a profession, in colleagues, in a masters of education.  In boyfriends, in girlfriends, in amazing lifelong friends.  5,256,000 minutes — my passion for the College will never, ever end.

In truths that I learned, and the times that I failed.  In the confidence I earned, so much else has paled.

It’s time now to recollect, though the memories never fade.  Let’s celebrate, let’s remember the most remarkable decade.  Remember the people!  Remember the journey!  Remember the opportunity!  Measure in love.  10 years of love.  10 years of love.

– Wendy Livingston

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