2020 Regular Decisions Released – What Now?

We Admit It! After days, weeks, and months of eagerly waiting, the day has finally arrived… After countless hours reading through your applications, hearing your stories, and navigating a national pandemic… the time has come for us to welcome the newest incoming class. Freshman admission decisions have officially been released. As we are posting this, decision notification emails for those who applied Regular Decision for freshman admission are on their way to your inboxes. Please read the entire list below for pertinent information regarding admission decisions.

  • Decisions are sent by email to all applicants. Everyone receives an email regardless of decision.
  • Please check spam and junk folders in case the email landed there instead of your inbox.
  • Only those who have been admitted will receive a formal admission packet in the mail. This packet will be arriving in the coming days.
  • Decisions are sent to the email address provided in your application.
  • William & Mary should appear as the sender of the email.
  • For those who also applied to the St Andrews William & Mary Joint Degree Programme:
    • If you are admitted to W&M, you will receive another decision email for the Joint Degree Programme within one week from today.
    • If you are not admitted to W&M, your decision for both W&M and the Joint Degree Programme will be in the email you receive tonight.
  • As of the posting of this blog, decision emails have been sent. It can take some time for the emails to leave our server and get to your inbox, but we promise that they are on their way.

Regardless of your decision outcome, we wanted to share our thankfulness to each and every one of you! You all put countless hours into your applications, essays, and extracurricular involvements — and it has been an honor to be able to read about your unique, inspiring stories. We know that not everyone will be excited about the news they receive, but we do want to emphasize that everyone has a unique story and we are excited to see what all of you accomplish in the coming years, at William & Mary or beyond. We are going to sign off over the weekend, to allow you all to process your decisions, and to give our dean staff a much needed break. However, in the coming days we will be ready and available to address any questions or concerns.

We have provided three additional blogs: one for those admittedone for those waitlisted, and one for those who were denied admission. These blogs will hopefully address any immediate questions you may have and provide more insight on the decisions we have made.

Again, thank you for applying to be a part of the Tribe, we are thankful for each and every one of you.

JonDavid Nichols
Assistant Dean of Admission

Important Note: If your application was complete (meaning you received an email from our office directly stating that your application was complete) and you do not receive a decision, DO NOT PANIC. Simply follow up with us in the coming days during normal business hours (757-221-4223, admission@wm.edu) and we will investigate. Assuming your application was complete and a decision email was launched, we will re-send the decision email, as well as send a copy of that decision in the mail, if requested.

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