There’s No Place Like Home

It’s ironic because when I first started looking at colleges (many moons ago), I wanted to get as far away from home as possible. I love my family but I think we were all wanting a little bit of space towards the end of my senior year. As I narrowed down my search, one of the most appealing aspects of William and Mary (and a major reason for my decision) was the two hour “buffer” between my parents and me. It seemed like the ideal distance; too far away for unannounced visits but close enough for when crises struck. Despite my in-state status, I never anticipated going home other than breaks. I’ve come to realize though, that there truly is no place like home.

Where else can you fall asleep with two miniature spaniels (who think they’re giant labradors) balled up tightly on your head?

Where else can you get made to order pancakes in the shape of either your first initial or favorite animal?

Where else else can you grill your sixteen year-old brother for details on his new girlfriend?

Where else does your dad (much to your mom’s dismay) put straws on his head and pretend he’s a martian?

Where else can you watch your mom’s horror as your sister asks to dye her hair blue?

Where else can everything be so abnormal and yet feel so absolutely perfect?

Home is home but W&M is my second home (and the same goes for most W&M students).  After returning home for spring break, one can easily appreciate the beauty and comfort of both.

Britt Beringer

Class of 2011

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