Stage Combat–Best Class Ever

In three and a half years at the College I thought I had explored most of what our university had to offer. I have taken dance, literature, history, science, american studies, and any other class you can think of. For my Senior Spring, however, I stumbled upon the Mecca of a second semester Senior’s schedule: Stage Combat. ¬†You may ask, “Stage combat? Is that what I think it is?” Oh yes it is, and so much more. Only three or four weeks in I have already learned various rolls, accompanied with the knowledge that I should never do a somersault EVER again (it’s bad for your back and vertebrae) and that I can convincingly throw a boy of over 6 feet tall (as I stand at 5’2″ this was a momentous day).

This class is a gem not only because it fulfills the GER 6 Requirement (Performing Arts) but because it engages every part of your body. You must be active, constantly rolling around, punching, and falling and it forces you to act and engage your mind through consideration of the most authentic way to play your part, whether that be victim, attacker, or bystander. My class is made up mostly of seniors who are in the same position as me, but we all have thrown ourselves, literally and figuratively, into this course. We attend ready to learn, explore, and challenge ourselves. My class reminds me a lot of how I consider William and Mary as a whole: once I thought I had seen it all and had it figured out I find this new facet that makes me fall in love all over again. I have and will continue to have a blast in this class and am so excited for my semester. Though it is bittersweet in every sense of the word I know the memories I’ve made here (and the skills that I will take with me) are the best gift I could have ever received.

Kyle Kearney, Class of 2009, Senior

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