Some Much Deserved Love for the Reference Librarians at Swem Library

When I give tours to prospective students and their families, I always try to mention the extra academic resources available to students: different help groups on campus like the Writing Resources Center, weekly Math Department help hours, or the Reference Librarians.  Ohhh, the reference librarians!  A professor for an English class I took sophomore year first brought me to the reference librarians’ help desk.  Now, two years later, I visit the reference librarians frequently.

The librarians who work at the reference desk of Swem library help students who need research and resources for papers, projects, or assignments.  My favorite reference librarian, Alan Zoellner, can effectively search almost every online database available on the Swem website!  To give you an idea how useful that is—there are over 200 databases!  I’ve gotten help from Mr. Zoellner on subjects ranging from Toni Morrison to the evolution of American vernacular dance in the nineteenth century.  My last and favorite part about the reference librarian desk you ask?  They are available via appointment, email, instant message, and now text message too!  Happy researching!

Phoebe Boutwell
Class of 2011

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