Leadership in Greek Life

Before I came to William & Mary, I never thought that I would become involved in Greek Life. I just didn’t see myself as the sorority type, but when I got to campus in August of freshman year, I decided to go through recruitment. The process took up two full weekends right at the beginning of the semester. I thought that I’d try out the first weekend, and if I didn’t like it, then I could just drop out. Well, I ended up really enjoying myself and became a Chi Omega Pledge.

When it came time for elections in the middle of my sophomore year, I knew that I wanted a leadership position within my sorority. I was appointed Philanthropy Chair for the 2008 calendar year, and I have learned a lot of valuable skills from my experience. My first task was to organize Chi O Karaoke, an event that features campus groups who compete against each other in a contest of vocal skills and dance moves. While it is a very fun and lighthearted event, its main purpose is to raise money for our national philanthropy, the Make a Wish Foundation. In addition to Chi O Karaoke, I held other philanthropic events throughout my term which cumulatively raised enough money ($5,000) to grant a wish for a child with a life threatening illness. In December of 2008 we will be granting a wish for a 3 year old boy named Aiden, who would like a cover built over his outdoor pool so that he can swim all year round.

In addition to my role as Chi Omega’s Philanthropy Chair, I also serve as Vice President of Public Relations for the Inter-Sorority Council. Basically, I do PR on behalf of all the the sororities on campus which entails sending out a bi-monthly Greek publication via email (titled the Life), advertising for ISC sponsored events, and updating the Greek website.

Both of these positions have helped my to become a more organized and effective leader. I know that the skills I have learned will help me out in the business world in a few years when I enter the field of advertising. Looking back now, it’s hard to think that I once considered not becoming involved in Greek Life at W&M because it has so positively changed my life and given me wonderful opportunities to serve my community.

Christine Zinker

Class of 2010

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