A nostalgic look back through snow and smiles.

Here we are. Week two of “inclement weather hits Williamsburg” and I still can’t get enough. I know I’m supposed to be annoyed by now that transport has been difficult, salt is being trailed into every dorm and classroom, and my nose is falling off… but I’m not. I LOVE the snow and there is no denying it.

Growing up in England, I never got to enjoy the powdery, sled-able, fairytale snow that visits Virginia every couple of years. Recently I have been trying to act as mature as possible with the real world (aka “life after college”) knocking on my door. However, with the recent snow fall, I have found it impossible to act serious! After the snowfall last weekend, I promptly went sledding down the hills next to Morton and made a snow man with sunglasses and all. I then proceeded to visit CW for a festive hot steaming mug of cider. Delish. I love Williamsburg because I get caught up so easily in the magic that surrounds this place- and not just when it snows.

Excuse the gush, but I love this place. From looking at the stars at 2 am in the middle of the sunken gardens, feeling inspired by a lively history professor, watching the turtles come to say hello at the Crim Dell, being awoken to the sound of fife and drums at the sensitive time of 8am on a Saturday morning… all of it. As the end of my College experience starts to draw to a close (cue the small violin) I know that I will remember these small details forever. College is such a pivotal part of a person’s development and while you can get a degree from anywhere, it is sometimes challenging to find a place you can get an all-encompassing education. William and Mary offered me a climate where I felt at home even though I was an ocean away from my parents. It fostered a sense of service and a desire to discover new things about myself and others. I will forever be indebted to the spirit of this school and the good memories it has been generous enough to give me. Watch WAM, its my senior spring and here I come!

Alyson Cockerill ’10

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