Charter Day…and Feelings

Unfortunately, this blog is not going to be about Charter Day. I’m not going to describe the excitement surrounding Robert Gates and Wiz Khalifa, or tell you about my own plans to celebrate the College. Instead, I’m just going to complain about how this upcoming Charter Day weekend will be my last – which makes me feel very depressed.

I remember my first year at William & Mary. I was incredibly nervous and intimidated because I thought everyone else was smarter than me. Thankfully, I found good friends – fast – and with their help, I was also able to build some confidence. The years went by quickly, and all of them were filled with both triumphs and challenges. I excelled in seemingly insurmountable classes, met incredibly diverse and interesting people, and realized that I could survive out in the world without my mother (well…barely). I also learned that I will never understand economics, prefer having my own space, and absolutely CANNOT work during evening hours – which inconveniences me to this day.

Obviously, I’ve learned and experienced a lot here, at William & Mary. But despite this truth, I feel neither old nor wise enough to leave this 321 year old campus. I’m not ready! For once, I’m envious of the freshmen who talk about future courses they’d like to take, or their plans for next semester. I don’t have any semesters left and it’s not fair!

Enough with the complaining. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I’ve been obsessed with this school ever since my junior year in high school – and my feelings of admiration have never ceased. William & Mary has given me so much more than a world-class education. I’ve garnered a second home. Not to mention, it looks almost surreal during spring and fall. I’m going to miss this place.

My apologies for turning a potentially happy and exhilarating blog into an excuse to be maudlin, but I really needed to express these emotions (*sniff sniff). What can I say? This Charter Day weekend is not all about fun – it’s also about feeling nostalgic and sorry for ourselves. It’s not even May and I’m already breaking at the seams.

I can only imagine what my Graduation Day blog will be like.

All I can say is, Happy Birthday William & Mary. Thanks for the memories, your incredible influence on my life, and preparing me for a world that will both challenge and amaze me.

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