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When most people think of Williamsburg their minds usually tend to think of the historical and educational side of the city; however, this town is a vibrant community where students have multiple venues to have fun. Duke of Gloucester St., affectionately referred to as D.O.G. St. by students and locals, has several cool spots that will capture the attention of teens and twenty-somethings. One of my favorite places to spend time is the Kimball Theatre. The Kimball theatre specializes in showing independent and international films, and it also is the site for the College’s annual International Film Festival, and where many guest speakers of William & Mary and the City of Williamsburg give readings, speeches, or presentations. Not only do amazing events happen here, but for students there is a discounted admission rate. Also, for casual movie goers Movie Tavern is right down the street and their student discount is really awesome—can you name the last time you were able to see a movie for under ten dollars?

Another great place to hangout on the weekends or in the evenings is the delis, Williamsburg’s local pub scene, located in between Scotland St. and Richmond Rd. For those twenty-one years or older, the delis are places where you can relax and have a drink and indulge in delicious food. One of the really exciting Williamsburg activities is trivia night at the Green Leafe, another one of the local delis, and teams really get competitive for the prizes that the restaurant offers. Although, you won’t be able to purchase alcoholic beverages, the Leafe welcomes the under twenty-one crowd. Sports games are usually on the TVs, and with delicious burgers and themed nights such as “trivia night” they encourage people eighteen and up to partake in sober events.

Similarly if you’re looking for sober hangout spots in Colonial Williamsburg, or as the campus calls it “CW,” there is Tribe Square. Tribe Square is the newest addition of the College to the Williamsburg community. It’s an apartment style dorm above the first floor, but the ground level is really where the entertainment is. There are four restaurants located on the first floor that will satisfy any appetite. The first is The Crust, which serves delicious Italian cuisine and is popular for its flavorful pizzas. In the evening time The Crust becomes something of a night club and is exclusive for those who are twenty-one and older. One of the other restaurants is MooYah, feeding students gigantic burgers, savory fries, and knockout milkshakes, this venue is one of the favored restaurants of Tribe Square. The final two restaurants are the Pita Pit and Subway, each offering the community a healthy alternative to the more indulgent eateries. All the restaurants in Tribe Square are open until 2 AM, so you can nourish your late night cravings throughout the weekend.

Karaoke at the Hospitality House is also one of the secret gems of Williamsburg night-life. Another option for anyone twenty-one and older, karaoke nights happen on Fridays and Saturdays and they are some of the most fun events in town. Let your inner rock star out and sing along to the best songs of hit artists; from Frank Sinatra to Beyoncé. Finally, fun times in Williamsburg wouldn’t be complete without mentioning WAWA. Although it may seem like your average convenient store it is the central hub for student activity after 10pm throughout the weekend night. People are either on their way to or from a party, and are getting one of WAWA’s delicious Philly-Cheese-steak subs.

Also, if you are interested in something beyond walking distance Busch Gardens is only a fifteen minute drive, AMF Bowling Alley is within a 10 minute drive of W&M, and  Jamestown Beach is within biking distance. So if you’re interested in fun things to do off campus these are just some of the many things available to the College.

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