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The Intern Staff's (aka The 12 Society) Superhero Counterparts

The Intern Staff’s (aka The 12 Society) Superhero Counterparts

I’ve been thinking about the William & Mary community and how to best describe it to prospective students. The word that immediately comes to mind is super-hero. Each person that makes up William & Mary is a superhero: a seemingly average person with special abilities that make him or her different and extraordinary. William & Mary is a place of growth, and it’s where potential can be groomed and cultivated. Each person has their own power that enriches the community or enlivens the campus, and we welcome and appreciate every individual’s unique talents. The students that are admitted are special, interesting, and diverse.

Here you may not meet anyone with retractable claws or the ability to fly, but you will notice their costumes from the bright yellow shirts of your OAs, to the suits at the Dean of Students Office, or the scrubs at the Health Center. And there are those who go about saving the world in plain clothes as RAs, providing programs and activities, or Service Trip Leaders, volunteering in the country and abroad aiding areas in need of assistance, or the students conducting research either in a lab or in the library. At W&M you will have professors who will challenge and inspire you to develop your skills. They, along with administrators, will become your mentors, motivating and encouraging you to fulfill your potential. Your classes will provoke self-discovery and force you to ask questions about the subject and of yourself. You also will meet other gifted students, like yourself, who will accompany you along your collegiate journey. If you are reading this as a prospective student or as one of our newest tribe members in the class of 2016, then I encourage you to be brave, confident, and willing to take on new adventures at W&M.

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