Day 2 of 10: “Class, Class, Class”

January 4, 2015

Today was the first official day of classes. Bright-eyed and bushy tailed (thanks to the complementary coffee) we gathered in the lobby to make our Metro trip to DuPont. With an expected high of 70 degrees, things were looking pretty great. Through the rabbit hole passing white walls, synthetic art, 3D printers, and squirrels adamant about top security clearance, we found ourselves in an underground sanctuary of DC metropolis. With nothing but the faint sounds of daredevil mice who braved the Metro tracks, it seemed surreal compared to the public transportation of NYC.

binders full of cards Blindly following our leader while simultaneously pointing out the pretty buildings, we arrived at the W&M DC Office. In the conference room we were presented with donuts and refreshments, personalized business cards w/ a card holder for that added touch of professionalism, a binder for resumes, notes, and grandeur, and a folder filled with logistics. If there were any doubts before, this day won the debate on how much William & Mary cares about its students.

After orientation, we headed to lunch and bowling. My initial thoughts about bowling were comparable to the stereotypical scenes we see in movies like The Big Lebowski: nachos, dingy floors, and the stench of one too many birthday parties with a hint of feet. Pinstripes was none of the above. In addition to providing free cozy blankets, they offered a variety of foods in the bistro, the game of bocce, and even Sunday brunch.The bowling alley itself had plush love seats instead of chairs and lunch consisted of flat-bread pizzas, a mini salad bar, fresh fruit, and a dessert tray. As Vince Vaughn said in Wedding Crashers, “Class, class, class!”

Two hours later Lauren informed us that we were free to do as we pleased. Some stayed on for another round of bowling, some eagerly hit the streets of Georgetown for shopping, and others headed downhill homeward bound after our incredible journey. And to think this was only the beginning.


~ Lynelle Haugabrook

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