Only one more month

Teenie BeckThere is exactly one month left of summer before we are all at school. Many of us are excited to get back to Williamsburg and be together again as a team. The freshmen have received their dorm assignments and we upperclassman can’t wait to help them learn the ropes of The College.

All of us have been in the gym maintaining our skills and staying in shape. Kristin is also training a full in on floor and learning a jaeger on bars. Molly has been working hard in physical therapy and building her strength back since her knee surgery. She is on track to be a big contributor for the team next season. Lacey, Kristin, and myself are all working on getting new floor music and choreography.

I am excited for this weekend as I am seeing my cousin’s baby for the first time. Many of the girls are also taking advantage of the summer to visit family. The search for a new assistant coach continues to go well and we are all eager to see who will be the newest addition to our team.

Teenie Beck

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