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Ever dreamed of being a lawyer? Looking to wield the power in a courtroom to advocate for justice? Congrats! You’ve come to the right place. William & Mary is a fantastic school for you to hone your “skills” as a future law school student. Wait, you may wonder isn’t W&M a school that provides liberal arts style education? Yes! We are and we are proud of it. Law school admissions committees agree that the most appropriate and beneficial preparation for law school is a traditional liberal arts education combined with relevant extra-curricular experiences.

One of the biggest advantages we have here is that the William & Mary Law School is located right by our main undergrad campus. As undergraduate students, it is possible for us to take classes at the Law School with world-renowned professors to get the feeling of a first-rate law school. The law school is also equipped with a library where you can find all kinds of interesting law books. I did one of my research papers on the topic of criminal law in Qing China and I found all my sources in the Law Library. Believe me, it was tons of fun.

Another super helpful resource for you is the pre-law advisor and the advisor assistant. They are the go-to guys when you have any questions from taking a preparation class to drafting a personal statement. Meanwhile, the law school advisor also holds law school workshops throughout the year where you can learn firsthand information from law school admissions and students.

Meanwhile, among W&M’s 450 student organizations, many of them are law-related. I have engaged in the Minority Pre-Law Association which is an organization aimed to improve the awareness of diversity in law school as well as advocate for the value of law education. We have LSAT preparation sessions, law school trips, and fun law-related movie nights. There will always be a place where you can learn more about the law industry outside classrooms.

W&M overall strives to prepare its students as the future leaders of the nation and the world. Whether or not law stays on the top of your bucket list at the end of your undergraduate journey, the education you will receive here will be sufficient for you to embrace all the challenges ahead in the real world.

Good luck and enjoy the rest of your semester!

-Alfred Ouyang ’18

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