Don’t Stress: What to do While You Wait for Decision Letters

I remember waiting for a decision letter from William & Mary and feeling anxious. I also remember all the things I could have been doing instead of stressing out over something of which I had no control. While you wait until you receive your decision letter by email in early May, make sure to focus on your schoolwork at your current institution but also take some time to have fun where you are now, and practice self-care and wellness. Here is a list of things (that are not school-related) that you can do while you await decision letters.

  • go for a walk
  • play your favorite sport
  • celebrate your small wins
  • visit a pet store and play with the animals
  • plan a fun day with your best friends
  • color a coloring page
  • eat your favorite foods
  • listen to a new genre of music
  • watch a random movie of which you’ve never heard
  • cook a new meal
  • listen to your favorite songs
  • dance around your room
  • read a new book
  • watch some cat videos
  • watch some puppy videos
  • make a new friend
  • listen to a new band
  • just sit and breathe

If you want another list of things to do while you wait, check out this blog for more helpful advice!

-Malerie Gamblin ’17

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