One of the Best Days of My Life

Waiting for William & Mary Early Decisions to come out in the fall of 2012 was one of the most difficult things I have

Things I Love: Tradition and a Beautiful Campus

Being on the campus of William & Mary, I am constantly surrounded by things that I love, and while I can think of a

My Favorite Things: W&M People and Professors

Of all the wonderful aspects of William & Mary, the people and professors are what make the institution truly special. Always just an email

Keep Calm and Wait On

I won’t sugarcoat it—waiting is hard, and it feels like forever. Though let me tell you something else, William & Mary is 100% worth the

The Waiting Game

There are few things I remember as being more stressful in high school than waiting for my decision. It felt like the rest of

What Moves Me to Move Others

The following is a transcript of a monologue I prepared for a recent campus event called Movements during which select W&M students shared their personal

My Perfect Saturday

Here we are just two weeks after my snow blog, basking in the 70 degree weather on campus. The umbrellas are back up on

How to Make the Most of the Waiting Period

From my year’s worth of college memories, one of the easiest periods was the waiting period. That’s right—I said easiest.   What was the hardest?

The Wait Continues

Applying is a stressful process – getting all your forms together, changing half of them, writing supplements, wording all your extracurricular activities just right—and