A Little Perspective

January 3: Classes began for the American Politics class at 10 a.m. sharp to hear from our first speaker. Uber became the favored mode

IR Winter Seminar: Day 1 & 2

January 3: In spite of the less-than-benevolent weather conditions in Washington on Monday morning, the three DC winter seminars kicked off brightly. After a

DC Winter Seminar: Meet Ebony Martin

Hi Everyone, My name is Ebony Martin and I am a senior at W&M. It is officially day two of the 2017 DC Winter

DC Seminars 2017 Day One

January 2: Today was the first day of the William & Mary DC Winter Seminars for 2017. Students living in the district moved into the

Science Fiction: Economics in a Dystopian Future

In a Science Fiction, post-apocalyptic world, what would our 21st c society leave behind? What would economics look like? As an economist, I often

I Will Seville Later, Williamsburg

Well in 5 days I am leaving my cozy house in Chantilly, VA in order to spend the next 5 months studying abroad in Seville,

DC Winter Seminar: International Relations, 2017

To begin, a little introduction. My name is Meredith Passero, and I’m a junior at W&M, studying government and economics. In particular, I’m interested

Coming to the College of William & Mary: Transitions in Life

Life is transition. To believe that one’s life has stability or is predictable is to be believing an illusion. Losing my sense of stability

Heading Ho-Ho-Home for the Holidays – Admission Office Closed for Winter Break

We Admit It! It’s time for our admission office team to head ho-ho-home for winter break. William & Mary and the Office of Undergraduate