Final Thoughts: Trust Yourself

Hey again! I hope all of you have had a relaxing end of the semester and finals aren’t stressing you out too much. Summer

Final Thoughts from Casey

Hello transfers!! As I write this, I realize that many of you will soon be saying goodbye to your current institutions. While this is

An Update to the Update

We Admit It!  We have an update to our update on the freshman waitlist (we also admit that’s a lot of updates).  On Friday,

Freshman Waitlist Update

We Admit It!  May 1, the sun around which the admission world rotates, has come and gone.  And of course the first question we

Decisions, Decisions

Congratulations to the newly admitted transfer students! I remember how incredibly excited I was when I got my admissions decision just a year ago,

Finding a House at Home

Congratulations and welcome to the Tribe! We are so excited to have you! Now that the wait is finally over, you probably have a

Staying Connected While Living Off-Campus

William & Mary is such a tight-knit community, which is largely fostered by many students living on campus, even beyond their freshman year. For me,

Get Excited for Orientation

Everyone’s all abuzz (or about to be) with acceptance letters. The turnaround is pretty quick, and before you know it, you’ll be entering Orientation.

W&M Students and VIMS: The Climate Corner

Family time can be hard to come by – parents are working, kids are in school all day and have extracurriculars all evening and