Back on Campus

I’m back on campus, and it is a very interesting feeling. I am no longer a freshman. I know more people as I walk around campus. I have a hall full of people that are from every academic year. I have professors for the second time. I have a niche on campus.

The perks of being a sophomore are very apparent…at least for me. I know where I am going, and I know how long it will take me to get from place to place. I feel more comfortable speaking in class, and I participate in campus activities. I got to choose my roommate and my dorm (yay AC!). It is definitely a unique feeling not being the youngest members of the William and Mary community.

At the same time, I almost miss being a freshman. I liked the idea of having four years ahead of me, and the freedom of new experiences. Although coming to college is a major transition for any person…you aren’t fully on your own. You have a freshman seminar to transition you to college thinking, mandated advisor meetings, and extended orientation. You live on a hall with other freshmen-people who are making the same transition as you. You have a weekly meal plan. After I finished freshman year, I thought I could handle anything. I didn’t realize that I could no longer rely on my signature phrase, “I’m sorry-I’m a freshman!”

If leaving home for college is the first step to maturity and living on your own, then sophomore year is yet another step to truly being self sufficient. For the first time, I am seriously grocery shopping…although not without mishaps (Bought some prepackaged salad—forgot salad dressing). I have a sense of responsibility and a more defined concept of the future. At the same time, I still rely on a lot of what the College has to offer. I cannot fathom the maturity and responsibility my friends that live off campus have. Yet, I’m sure that I can handle it when the time comes. We hope anyway!

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