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Dinwiddie 3rd

Freshman year is a year that I will absolutely never forget. Before the first day of Orientation, I was a little worried about living

The Transfer Card

When you’re already in a routine studying at another four-year institution, deciding to transfer is a very personal decision that can take a lot

The Freshman Dorm Experience

Sure, moving across the country was a little scary. Being that far away from all of my friends and family made me nervous. The

Hidden Gems

William & Mary has one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen; a quick campus tour will show you everything from stunning brick

The Secretly Fascinating Lives of the Tribe

The stats don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole truth either. I’ve read them on William & Mary’s website dozens of times. What the

Hungry in the ‘Burg

I’m a big fan of the dining halls on campus, mainly because they make it so easy to run into and catch up with

Infinite Possibilities

Maybe you toured campus once or twice, or spent a few hours at the sites in Williamsburg. Maybe you planned out your future experience at

To Go Greek or not to Go Greek

I’ve learned so many things since being on campus, like where to get the best cappuccino or where the best shady study spots are.


Congratulations on your acceptance into the best school in the world! Cherish these memories, because you will look back on them fondly for the