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Decisions, Decisions – 2015 Regular Decisions Released

We Admit It!  The time has arrived.  Decisions have been made and emails have been launched.  Decisions for those who applied Regular Decision for

Decisions, Decisions – #wm2019 (aka 2015 Regular Decision Admit Edition)

We Admit It!  We are so psyched to welcome all of you to the Tribe and the Class of 2019.  You are so incredibly

Decisions, Decisions – 2015 Regular Decision Waitlist Edition

Admit It!  You were hoping to see better news in your inbox.  We Admit It!  We wish we could send more good news.  William

Decisions, Decisions – 2015 Regular Decision Deny Edition

We Admit It!  This is the part of our job we like the least; sending bad news to bright, talented applicants like you.  You

A Turn About The Garden

Today, I took a turn about the Sunken Garden, the large beautiful lawn in the middle of William & Mary’s old campus.  It’s a habit

So Close Yet So Far

We Admit It!  We believe the end is in sight.  We are wrapping up Committee and beginning the decision launch prep.  Now before you

Mystery at Midway Mills

Virginia’s Piedmont is an expansive area of gently rolling terrain whose underlying geology is quite complex. The old metamorphic and igneous rocks of the

Overheard in Committee: Tough Calls

We Admit It! Another week of Committee has come and gone. With each day the class grows more and more complete but there’s still

Overheard in Committee: A Good Read

We Admit It!  Despite a few interruptions from Mother Nature, Committee is progressing well.  We’ve admitted some really outstanding students, we’ve started to see