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What We’ve Learned

The close of another academic year offers so much time for last-coffees, last-walks-around-the-Sunken-Garden, and last reflections with the students with whom I’ve had the

Of Beagles, Sweatshirts and Final College Decisions

I remember the exact moment when I made my final college decision. It was the day before the matriculation deadline, and I legitimately had

Rafting & Research: Frontiers in Discovery

I grew up river rafting out west. Aside from the excitement of big water, I loved the fact that when you’re on the river

4th Rock from the Sun: Human Exploration of Mars – the Planetary Geology Research Projects 2016

Forty years ago, in the summer of 1976, NASA placed two spacecraft in orbit around Mars and then safely got the Viking 1 and

Decisions, Decisions – Fall 2016 Transfer Edition

Admit It! You have been anxiously waiting for this moment since you clicked submit on your application. We Admit It! The moment is finally here. Transfer decisions are

Why W&M: Online Student Panel

Below is a recording of our online student panel that took place on April 21, 2016. For a complete timeline of questions asked during

A Hard Freeze in the Basement: The Earth Structure & Dynamics Field Trip 2016

The Earth Structure & Dynamics class field trip is an annual rite of spring; when early April arrives it’s time for our weekend trip

Decisions, Decisions – 2016 Regular Decisions Released

We Admit It! The time is here. Decisions have been made and emails have been launched. Decisions for those who applied Regular Decision for freshman admission

Decisions, Decisions – #wm2020 (aka 2016 Regular Decision Admit Edition)

We Admit It! You are the few, the proud, the phenomenally talented students who have earned admission to the College of William & Mary.