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Science Fiction: Economics in a Dystopian Future

In a Science Fiction, post-apocalyptic world, what would our 21st c society leave behind? What would economics look like? As an economist, I often

Coming to the College of William & Mary: Transitions in Life

Life is transition. To believe that one’s life has stability or is predictable is to be believing an illusion. Losing my sense of stability

Heading Ho-Ho-Home for the Holidays – Admission Office Closed for Winter Break

We Admit It! It’s time for our admission office team to head ho-ho-home for winter break. William & Mary and the Office of Undergraduate

20 Years of Teaching Structural Geology at William & Mary

‘Tis the season for grading final exams. Once the grading is complete, it’ll be time to determine who’s been naughty or nice, and dole

First Do No Harm

Most of the pre-med and pre-health students I know get into their career paths from a place of deep care for others, wishing to

Decisions, Decisions – 2016 Spring Transfer Edition

We Admit It! We know how patiently transfer applicants have been waiting for their admission decisions. As of today, we have completed our spring transfer review

Decisions, Decisions – Early Decision 2016 Edition

We Admit It! The day is finally here. After several weeks of reading applications and committee meetings here in Williamsburg, it is time to officially release

Overheard in Committee: Early Decision Edition Part 2

We Admit It! Thanksgiving break was fantastic. What’s not to like? Family. Friends. Food. It’s one of the best holidays of the year, and those

Overheard in Committee: 2016 Early Decision Edition

We Admit It! The time for Early Decision Committee has arrived. Committee is when our entire dean staff gathers to discuss our many talented Early