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Springtime at Lake Matoaka

Despite my crazy allergies, spring is my favorite season, and it’s definitely worth braving the pollen to explore every inch of our insanely beautiful

Things I Love: Tradition and a Beautiful Campus

Being on the campus of William & Mary, I am constantly surrounded by things that I love, and while I can think of a

My Favorite Things: W&M People and Professors

Of all the wonderful aspects of William & Mary, the people and professors are what make the institution truly special. Always just an email

What Moves Me to Move Others

The following is a transcript of a monologue I prepared for a recent campus event called Movements during which select W&M students shared their personal

My Perfect Saturday

Here we are just two weeks after my snow blog, basking in the 70 degree weather on campus. The umbrellas are back up on

A Turn About The Garden

Today, I took a turn about the Sunken Garden, the large beautiful lawn in the middle of William & Mary’s old campus.  It’s a habit

Building a History

In 2015, VIMS is celebrating its 75th anniversary! Events will be held on the campus and by faculty to celebrate the landmark, and future

Spring Break Packing Tips

Hello everyone! I am so incredibly excited to be visiting Miami, Florida this Spring Break! After my four exams this week, I will definitely

Spring Breakers: On-Campus 2k15

Spring Break 2k15 has been somewhat atypical. Some friends had cars packed to the brim for 20-hour drives to the beaches of south Florida.