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What’s With the Postcard?

We Admit It! Many applications that we read are beyond impressive. Our applicants accomplish some tremendous things both inside and outside the classroom, and

A New Year, A New Fantastic Freshman Class: Working to Build the Class of 2020

We Admit It! All of us here in the Admission Office had wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating winter breaks. After spending the holiday season re-connecting

Happy Holidays – Admission Office Closed for Winter Break

We Admit It! Like you, all of us in the Admission Office are ready for winter break. As of this evening (December 23), William

Decisions, Decisions- 2015 Spring Transfer Edition

We Admit It! As of this evening we have officially completed our spring transfer review process. Spring transfer decisions have been launched, and will

Decisions, Decisions – Early Decision 2015 Edition

We Admit It! The time we have all been waiting for has arrived. Early Decision notifications have officially been finalized and launched, and are

Overheard in Committee: Early Decision Edition Part 2

We Admit it! Thanksgiving Break was incredibly relaxing, and provided all of our Committee members much needed time to travel home and decompress. Now,

Overheard in Committee: 2015 Early Decision Edition

We Admit It! Early Decision Committee has officially begun. During Committee, our entire dean staff gathers to discuss our many talented Early Decision applicants,

Leaving W&M in Good Hands with #wm2020

Last week marked William & Mary Admission Office’s last day of interviews for the Class of 2020. Our team of 14 interviewers met with

Yippee! It’s Time for Committee!

Admit It! The time between submitting your application and receiving an admission decision is nerve-racking. You’ve spent years accomplishing tremendous things both in and