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Resurrecting the Reef: Undergrad’s research goes global

Kharis Schrage, a junior here at William & Mary, works in the the Allen Lab where she studies delicate marine invertebrates called hemichordates (a

4th Rock from the Sun: Human Exploration of Mars – the Planetary Geology Research Projects 2016

Forty years ago, in the summer of 1976, NASA placed two spacecraft in orbit around Mars and then safely got the Viking 1 and

Why W&M: Academics and Resources

William & Mary offers a rich liberal arts education that allows tremendous potential for academic development and growth. Over 100 majors and minors are offered

A Hard Freeze in the Basement: The Earth Structure & Dynamics Field Trip 2016

The Earth Structure & Dynamics class field trip is an annual rite of spring; when early April arrives it’s time for our weekend trip

Finding a Home During Finals

Finals can be an excruciating time for students. Two weeks of grueling exams and term papers wearing you down as you wait with anticipation

Debunking a Transfer Myth: Transfers Don’t Have Time to Change Their Mind

I have always known I wanted to be an English major, even when I had no idea where I wanted to go to college.

Debunking a Transfer Myth: Impostor Syndrome

Transferring from a community college left me feeling unsure if I would ever be fully accepted as a member of the Tribe. I heard

Debunking a Transfer Myth: Transfers Don’t Have Time to Study Abroad

One of the biggest misconceptions that I heard before I transferred was that it was impossible to study abroad – there were too many

What’s New in the Peer Advising World?

While classes are starting to wind down with just over a month left of school for the spring 2016 semester, the campus is starting