Claire Gillespie

Claire Gillespie
  • Class of 2016
  • Hometown: Johnsburg, IL
  • Major(s): English

About Claire Gillespie

Claire graduated in May 2016 with a B.A. in English.

Posts by Claire Gillespie

Chicago and me, in the summer

This summer, I moved to my grandmother’s apartment in Chicago, Illinois to intern at independent press Curbside Splendor. Living in this beautiful city has

Looking Back, Moving Forward

I am halfway done with college, and have taken some time to reflect on the experiences of these last two years. My freshman and

Homecoming and Surprises

In my opinion, surprises make Homecoming. You never know just who you’ll run into, which famous alumni will walk around the corner, which upperclassmen

Freshman Baby

I would love to freeze time right now. My philosophy exam and mounds of take-home finals I still need to outline and write are

Thoughts from the Aiport

A little boy just walked by and, upon viewing the group of tables I am sitting at, said, “Why are all these people eating

Happy Holidays!

Since I last wrote, I have survived a hurricane, experienced 70-degree weather in December, and gone home for the first time since August for

Recent Visitors

Several very exciting people have recently visited the College. A couple weeks ago, William Deresiewicz, an essayist and the author of the book A

My Weekend Activities

Saturday mornings are absolutely wonderful. It is on Saturdays that I wake up to this beautiful campus and realize how truly amazing it is

Clubs and Such

There is a club here called Wizards and Muggles that sorts students into a house at the beginning of the semester. Yes, a house