Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy
  • Class of 2014
  • Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Major(s): Government & French

About Richard Murphy

Richard divided his childhood years between the bustling Yokohama, Japan and the suburban metropolis of Virginia Beach, Virginia. A rising senior at the College, Richard is pursuing a double major in Government and French, and dearly hopes that he will have completed both before his May 12th graduation date. When he’s not studying hard in Swem library or walking quickly to class, Richard keeps busy with his campus organizations and commitments.

Any parents reading his blog may have heard his voice as a caller for Phonathon (eagerly accepting contributions to the Fund for William and Mary). Students may remember his face from his Yates Hall Presidential campaign (circa 2010), or perhaps as a member of the Tribe Tour Guides, representative of the Undergraduate Honor Council or former Social Chair of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity. Richard is spending his summer as a Senior Interviewer for the Admission Office, and is looking forward to his time at Orientation 2013.

In his free time, Richard enjoys watching the free movies on Netflix, going for aimless late night walks, reading and analyzing the “We Can’t Stop” music video. He hopes to someday move back to Grenoble, France, where he studied abroad last fall and left a piece of his heart.

Posts by Richard Murphy

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