Katie Kellenberger '16

Katie Kellenberger '16
  • Washington, DC

About Katie Kellenberger '16

Katie graduated in May 2016 with a double degree in government and sociology. Though she intends on going back to graduate school in a few years, she's taking some time to get work experience in Washington D.C.

While at William & Mary, Katie was in an a Capella group, Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women and wrote for the Flat Hat. She also took advantage of a number of programs. After her sophomore year, Katie took part in the DC Summer Institute for New Media (where she landed this blogging gig) and had a blast! With one summer program under her belt, Katie chose to fulfill her dream of studying abroad by studying abroad in Goa, India. During her senior year, she took advantage of yet another one of William & Mary's fantastic programs by becoming a part of the DC Winter Seminars in Politics.

Katie hopes to enjoy all that DC has to offer while working with a philanthropic organization and return to school to get her masters (and maybe even PhD).

Posts by Katie Kellenberger '16

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