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Hi All! I have some exciting news! The research lab that I direct has finally finished 6 weeks of collecting data. Yes, this calls for celebration. From midnight calls with my professor to dashing to the lab to correct a mistake in the lab manual, I have been working really hard to have over 400 students participate in the Omnibus Project. But what exactly is the Omnibus Project?

I get this question a lot. The Omnibus Project coordinates student and faculty research. The Project simplifies the administrative hurdles to collecting original data. Basically, The Omnibus Project helps to facilitate research. As the Omnibus Project Student Director, I don’t actually conduct research. I am the administrative force; I organize student participants, recruit proctors, set up in-lab appointments, and much more. I do a lot of the behind-the-scenes logistics for The Project.


Professor Marcus Holmes engaging students in discussion about possible research questions.

My favorite part of The Omnibus Project is that it encourages my peers to test their own research questions. For example, a student this semester is researching the effect political content on Facebook has on viewer’s political ideology. This is particularly relevant considering the recent contentious election.

Also, the previous Omnibus Student Director John Stuart (no, not the famous W&M alum) used the Omnibus Project to gather data for his honors thesis. His honors thesis explored the emotional component behind conservatives’ attitudes towards transgender individuals. John’s research allowed him to use physiological lab protocol to test participants’ heart rates and blood pressure in response to particular stimuli.

Students collaborating on how to develop their research questions.

Students developing their research questions based on past literature.

The Omnibus Project highlights one of W&M’s best qualities: fostering undergraduate research. W&M wants students to explore research topics they are interested in and conduct their own research. From AidData to the Institute for Historical Biology, W&M offers a plethora of research opportunities for students, no matter where their interests lie. Be sure to check out The Omnibus Project, and explore other research labs students are involved in!

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