Aromas: More than a Coffeeshop

One of my favorite parts about living so close to Colonial Williamsburg is the eclectic, locally owned Aromas Coffeehouse. My favorite drinks and foods include the java chip hot chocolate, strawberry crepes and the “apple pie” specialty drink. But more importantly, some of my favorite moments at W&M have happened in Aromas.

Outside of Aromas, the coffee shop popular among W&M students and faculty.

I met my freshman roommate, Carley, for the first time at Aromas. We both ordered salads and hot apple cider, and asked about each other’s friends in high school, families and potential majors. At the time, I had no idea that I had just met one of my best friends. Almost two years later, I am still rooming with Carley, and we still grab lunch at Aromas.

I end up going to Aromas a lot with my friends. Earlier this semester, I met up with one of my friends to talk about summers abroad. She had gone to Cape Town in South Africa while I had gone to Prague in the Czech Republic. We discussed how our paradigms had shifted about issues such as social justice, racial reconciliation and democracy. One of the things I love most about W&M is that students love to have meaningful conversations about topics that matter.

Earlier this week, I went to grab coffee at Aromas with one of my favorite professors in the government department, Professor Settle. Professor Settle is not only incredibly brilliant, but also extremely down-to-earth and personable. I really admire her ability to command respect from her students and coworkers, as well as to be very approachable. Professor Settle and I spent over an hour in Aromas discussing how to create a work-life balance and the challenges women face in the workforce. This is a perfect picture of professor to student relationships. Here at W&M professors care about not only what their students learn in the classroom, but how they will apply their knowledge into the future. Professors wear many hats: instructors, advisors, mentors and role models.

Many students like to do homework or hang out with friends at Aromas.

Many students like to do homework or hang out with friends at Aromas.

Aromas is more than a coffee shop. It is a place where students come to connect with one another and their professors. I am excited for many more moments at Aromas that remind me why I love W&M, the community and Williamsburg. Are you visiting William & Mary? Consider making a stop at Aromas for coffee or lunch!

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