Chomp Chomp: The Lowdown on Food

I have recently been mourning the loss of my meal plan. Although the food is pretty good on campus, it’s not so much the grilled burgers, or the steak chicken caesars (though I loved those), but the time spent with friends at the Marketplace. Speaking of, they also had these delicious potato bites wrapped in bread-like crust, and soaked in oil, that made any lousy day a good one.

See, something that’s amazing about College is the availability of friends. You can catch a movie at 11 AM in the morning , or go to Sonic for the Happy Hour specials from 2-4 PM and you won’t miss anything! I am enjoying these formative years of my life. A time when fun outweighs life’s obligations.

Recently I have been going on drives around Williamsburg. I know my environmental friends would probably kill me, but there’s something insanely relaxing about just listening to music on the open road, and looking at the large open pastures, and the Williamsburg Pottery Outlet. Haha. So, my advice for senior year? Enjoy it while it lasts.

– Lee Desser ’10

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