A Trip To Williamsburg Isn’t Complete Without…

A blog series from your Admission Ambassadors…

1. A stroll down Duke of Gloucester (DoG) Street:  I love being able to step off campus and take a walk through Colonial Williamsburg (CW).  It is a great break from work and extracurricular activities, plus an opportunity for some fresh air is always a good idea.  When my best friend from high school, Ella, comes to visit each year from Washington D.C., we always make it a priority to spend some time soaking up CW.  Our favorite place is the colonial coffee house; the twenty-minute tour includes information about what the coffee house was used for in the late-18th Century and a tasting of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.  I always go for the hot chocolate; it’s delicious!

2. Tasting the samples at The Peanut Shop:  The Peanut Shop offers countless types of nuts, particular all kinds of flavored peanuts.  Everything is open for sampling, which makes for a really fun shopping trip.  I always pick up a can of Virginia Honey Roasted Peanuts for my little sister; she can’t get enough of them.  There are almost always students inside enjoying some free samples, plus students get a 10% discount with their ID.  A stop at The Peanut Shop is a must when family or friends are in town!

3. Enjoying a Stuffed Snoball from Sno-to-Go:  Sno-to-Go is a local dessert stand that offers tons of flavors of shaved ice ranging from Blue Raspberry to Frog in a Blender.  Their specialty is layering the shaved ice with vanilla soft-serve, called a Stuffed Snoball.  My family loves Sno-to-Go; we always make a stop when they’re in town.  I even got my sister one of their signature t-shirts that reads, “Where it’s okay to eat yellow snow!”  We will definitely make at least one stop during graduation weekend for old time’s sake and to beat the heat!


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