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In recent days I’ve really been bummed that I haven’t set aside the time to write a post a week for my blog as it seems there is always something interesting going on that I’d love to talk with you about. The admission landscape right now could not be more fascinating. How will the economy affect student yield once offers are sent? How are social networks be used in creative ways to communicate with prospective candidates? What’s happening with the use of standardized tests?  The list of ideas is endless. But- time is SCARCE (yup- caps was necessary) with reading season in “full steam ahead” mode and committee meetings filling up our calendars. So instead I’ve been keeping a list of blog post ideas about which I plan to write once our letters are dropped in the mail. I’m looking forward to having the time to share some of my perspectives on the “hot” admission topics of the day, and updating you on some neat things happening here at the College (A bit of a non-sequitor- but did you hear that Tom Brokaw is going to be this year’s commencement speaker? Awesome!)

So, that leads me to the reason for this short-but-sweet post- COMING SOON- OUR LETTERS! The admission committee is working hard at putting the final touches on the Class of 2013. We know that if you are a senior who applied regular decision you’ve been waiting patiently. Thanks for that. It won’t be long now and we appreciate all that you did to share a piece of yourself with us through the application process. April 1st is right around the corner and we promise to have them in the mail to you by that date.

Hope you are enjoying the early days of spring. Even from inside our conference rooms where we find ourselves hunkered down in committee discussions- we are-  and that, is because of you.


– Jennifer Scott

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