Time will come and go

It has been quite a week.  The inauguration of a new president was definitely the highlight.  Unfortunately, this was also a week where I attended two memorial services.    All three events made me think about what I want my legacy to be to and for this world.

While I recognize that this time of year can be a bit overwhelming for high school seniors, it should also be a time of making your mark in your environment.  This is your last spring semester as a high school senior.  Do not let your college application process define who you are.  Let your experiences continue to shape you, guide you and inform you.   (Enjoy this time, but keep up your good work.)

While I am aware that April 1 will not come soon enough for most of you, do not wish this time away.    Reflect, delve and imagine how you will make your mark in this world.    And, remember that regardless of the decisions that come out later this spring, they do not define who you are or what you will become.

Having worked in college enrollment for close to 20 years now, I have seen lots of students move in at orientation and move out after graduation.  The growth that takes places is amazing.  Most students emerge as more informed global thinkers and ultimately thrive in careers in financial services, public service, consulting, and other areas.  The one thing they all share is the desire to excel and to make a difference.

I encourage each of you to think about how you want to make a difference and go for it.   And, remember, April 1 will come and go, and you will never get the time back between now and then, so enjoy your senior year.  Make it count.  Make your mark.  And, remember, yes YOU can.

– Earl Granger

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