The Valu ov Prufe Reeding

We jest but it’s true.  When you hear in an information session that we have received applications about candy strippers and football couches, it’s true.  When we tell you one young man wrote about his t-shirt but he left out the “r”, take us at our word.  When we relay that we have seen students leave “[insert something funny here]” but they never inserted the something funny, we are not pulling your leg.    We have received such essays and numerous others with similarly grievous spelling and gramatical errors.  While we certainly realize you are human and humans make mistakes, an application is something that is professional and important.  All we ask is that you give it the respect it deserves.  Take time to proof-read your essays.  Have someone else look over them.  Do not run spell check and call it a day.  Studies have shown that nearly half of the time spent reviewing an application is spent reading the essay(s).  We are giving it its due diligence.  Please do the same.

And for the love of [insert diety name or random idiom name here] (yes that too is on purpose), know the name of the institution to which you are applying.  We are not William & Mary College or William & Mary University or the University of William & Mary.  The College of William & Mary will due just fine!

– Wendy Livingston

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