Overheard in Committee — The Saga Concludes

Admit It!  You’re ready for Committee to be over and for decisions to be released; preaching to the choir my friends, preaching to the choir.  Well, the good news is this should be the last “Overheard in Committee” blog post.  That means the next post is the Spring 2012 Decisions Decisions blog (for those of you who aren’t reading between the lines that blog is released when decisions go out).  Before everyone posts comments asking about a release date, we do not have an exact one yet,but it’s definitely not too far into the future.  As soon as an exact date is known we will be sure to make that information available.  So here comes the last snippet from Committee for the 2012 freshman applicant pool.

Overheard in Committee today: Why didn’t they report that score to us?

This is more of a cautionary tale for future applicants more so than a head’s up to current applicants.  This year, more so than previous years, we feel that updated standardized testing is going unreported or that one set of test scores isn’t being sent.  For example, a student self-reports that they plan to take a future test date in their application (say a December or January test) but we never receive a score for that sitting.  Or, a student self-reports a great SAT or ACT but doesn’t send that score to us.  In other instances we’ve seen students only send us an official score report for the exam they did worse on (for example they actually send us their 31 ACT but don’t send their 1440 SAT – a 1440 SAT is about 60 points higher than a 31 ACT).  We can only confirm and consider scores reported directly from the testing agency; self-reported test scores (i.e. scores written in the Common Application but not confirmed officially by a testing agency) cannot be considered.

No doubt score choice and the abundance of standardized testing opportunities have made reporting standardized test scores complicated.  Add to that the abundance of fees associated with reporting standardized test scores and you’ve got a recipe for confusion.  We get it.  That being said, you do yourself a disservice if you don’t provide us with your best standardized testing outcome and to ensure that we have all of your most recent scores.  If your SAT is better than your ACT, send it.  If your November testing is better than your June testing, send it.  If you’re confused and don’t know what to send, ask your counselor or call us and we’ll be happy to help guide you through the process.

So that’s what’s been overheard in Committee this spring (more to come for Transfer Committee next month).  It’s been long, it’s been hard work, it’s been exciting, it’s been intriguing, it’s been real.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

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