Decisions, Decisions — Admitted Edition

Admit It!  You’re thrilled (or at least we hope you are).  Good Things indeed.  Whether W&M is at the top of your list or somewhere a bit farther down, being admitted just feels good.  After having reviewed over 14,000 applications, we can say with absolute certainty that you are the best of the best.  Each of you individually has astounded us with your intellect, excited us with your extracurricular accomplishments and inspired us with your stories.  As a group you are unbelievably intelligent, talented, diverse and deserving.  You are W&M’s 320th class; you are our future.  Congratulations, and welcome to the Tribe!

We are so incredibly honored that you are considering William & Mary, and we are crossing our fingers that among all of the honors and acceptances you have been offered, ours will rise to the top of the pile.  Your “Good Things” email is just the beginning.  In it you will find a link to a website exclusively for our admitted students.  There you will find all you need to know about what we hope is your future alma mater.  From social media exclusively for the Class of 2017 to opportunities to visit, you can learn so much more about the Tribe through that website.  Keep an eye out for that coveted thick envelope that should be in your mailbox in the coming days.  There you will find even more information about upcoming visit opportunities, a timeline for admitted and enrolling students, and of course, the admission letter suitable for framing, signed by none other than Dean Broaddus.  Information about financial aid should be coming to your email inbox within the next 7-10 days.

We hope to see you on campus on April 13 for our Day for Admitted Students, and we hope to see you on campus this fall as part of the Tribe’s Class of 2017.  Congratulations and welcome.  One Tribe and now it’s yours.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

PS: Admitted edition and Admit It!  Note our blog name, Admit It!,  is in essence a play on admitted.  Say them both out loud, quickly and you’ll get it.  We live for this blog each year when we get to use both.  Yes, admission humor is rare, but we love it.

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