An Early Decision and Spring Transfer Treat — Reminder of the Deadline Extension

We Admit It!  We’re likely all breathing a sigh of relief that tomorrow is just November 1 and not our first application deadline.  Just a friendly reminder that we have extended our Early Decision and spring transfer deadlines one week to Friday, November 8.

However, if your application is ready, please feel free to submit it.  We know that despite many technical glitches, students are able to submit their applications.  Submitting with a few days’ leeway will help to ensure that you have time to work through any technical problems you may encounter.  As a shout out to your counselors and recommenders, please give them some lead time also; they will greatly appreciate it.  Our next week’s blog will outline our process for updating you on your application status.

Should you have any questions as the deadline approaches, please let us know (by blog comment, phone, email, carrier pigeon, whatever works for you).  Remember however, any questions regarding the Common Application itself should be directed to their help center.

No doubt you are excited to get to the submitting.  We are excited to get to the reading.

Wendy Livingston ’03, M.Ed. ‘09
Associate Dean of Admission

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