In which the hot spots we flock to serve cold treats

The smell of autumn is in the air as I walk to classes in cardigans and new boots. Fall break approaches, and with that the anticipation of a lovely extended weekend in Williamsburg. Wait, what? Aren’t you going home, Cristina? Well, seeing as the parents are out of the country and I’ve done all my laundry, staying on campus with my two best girlfriends provides the greatest opportunity to rediscover the (not-so) hidden treasures of Williamsburg.

Enter Berrybody. Newly opened on Prince George Street (i.e. a block off campus!!!), the Frozen Yogurt shop is my light at the end of the tunnel, the ultimate reward I will grant myself after I click ‘Send’ on the last paper, or place the last stroke on the last character of my Chinese exam. Ah, I can already picture myself, disregarding the cold and forgetting about class readings and major declarations for 20 minutes of the flavor of the day and two toppings of my choice. And make no mistake, I am not alone here. It’s been open for less than a week but already I have witnessed the facebook buzz and seen the flocks enjoying a treat at the end of the day.  I’m confident in this back up plan right here in town, and the fact that I will return to classes just as relieved as everyone else. So as I watch my friends pack up for a long weekend at home, basking in the pleasure of their mother’s cooking and mini-reunions, I don’t fret. In fact, I think I’ll mosey on over right now and get a preview of what is to come after a long, busy week is done.

Cristina Miranda
Class of 2012

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