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Imagine gliding down the hills of Williamsburg, winding back and forth on the brick paths or carving out the smooth pavement. The wind is in your face along with a smile, and your headphones are playing your sound track to life. This is what it’s like to be a skater in the ‘burg. If it weren’t for my time at W&M I may not have found one of my favorite hobbies: skating on my longboard. Whether I’m riding to class or doing a run down a hill for fun, I’m having such a great time.

Most people are disappointed when they arrive on campus their first year and they’re unable to have a car. They obviously don’t know the sweet sensation of skating. Getting around on campus with a car is not too convenient. It seems like the majority of parking spaces belong to faculty or staff, and the price of a parking pass may be a stretch if you’re on a tight budget.

Given the relatively small size of the campus a great way to get around is on foot or bike, but the best way is skating. My roommate sophomore year showed me how to ride a longboard and I must admit there was a bit of a learning curve (no pun intended). When I first started I was like this:

I couldn’t stand on the board for more than fifteen seconds before stumbling off, but once I got the hang of it I was riding around like a pro. So now I’m more like this:

 My current board is a souvenir from my W&M study abroad program in Cambridge, so technically I can say I’ve ridden all over the world. It’s a great form of exercise and the most entertaining form of transportation. After getting used to skating everywhere walking from point A to point B will seem so boring!

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